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tv   CBS2 News Live at 5  CBS  November 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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right now, live at five,it's been a dangerous month to be in law enforcement. cbs 2 news is tracking the latest on a series of attacks on police. first breaking news right now - japan is now under a tsunami warning after a seven point three magnitude earthquake struck earlier today.officials say a tsunami wave as high as 10 feet is now possible.state broadcasters are urging everyone to evacuate. first, breaking news. japan is under a tsunami warning after an earthquake earlier today. a tsunami as hurley -- as high as 10 feet is possible and they are urging people to evacuate. you may recall and 9.1 magnitude earthquake hit the same area in 2011 and it was strong enough to move the island. nearly 18,000 people died. the fukushima nuclear plant was
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and bring you updates on air and online. let's check in with chief meteorologist terry swails for our weather first forecast. we are tracking a weather system that should be rain in the next 24 hours. -- bring rain in the next 24 hours. you can see the clouds are increasing, but the precipitation as well to the west of us. as we look at local radar, nothing is showing up in eastern iowa and it will be late tonight or early tomorrow morning before the precipitation shows up. for the early morning commute, there may be a stray shower with temperatures around the 30- 31 degree mark and there could be a wet snowflakes mixed in. by the afternoon it should change to snow. the snow will be light. temperatures will be cool and holding in the 30s. the man who kidnapped, sexually assault look -- assaulted and killed jacob
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behind bars. danny heinrich admitted to taking wetterling in 1989. he took investigators to the 11- year-old's remains. he apologized for his evil acts. another tv crew spoke to him after the sentencing. >> i'm grateful fo of support and the encouragement that i have received along the way. this is another step toward closure. you know, it is a traumatic event that defines your life in a lot of ways. >> reporter: because of the plea deal, he will never face state murder or kidnapping charges for wetterling. the judge in this case says
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reporter kevin barry joins us with the latest. we -- >> reporter: we will get to the officers in a second. but breaking in the last few minutes there is a bus crash in chattanooga, tennessee. this is from the chattanooga fire department at our affiliates wdef. there are 12 people dead right now . fire department and the school bus has turned over. they have gotten the last patient out and 23 people were pulled from the bus and brought to the hospital. the cbs affiliate is reporting that 12 people were killed in this accident. we are still gathering information and this broke in the last few minutes.>> reporter: back to the police story. it was a scary sunday for police across the united
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san antonio where you see on the screen behind me a live look from our partner, . they pulled over a car with a suspect they had been following and there is a warrant for his arrest. that person is wanted in connection to the murder of a san antonio police officer who was killed while making a traffic stop outside the station. they released a security camera footage with the suspect who had been identified as a person of interest yesterday. that person actually walked inside the police department and that's where they got the police video from. he asked the clerk a question and said nevermind and then left. he pulled up behind detective benjamin r county's squad car when he was in the middle of a traffic stop. this is benjamin marconi. he was shot twice in the head
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information and we expect more at 5:15. in st. louis, sergeant was shot twice in the face in that city. the 19-year-old is named george bush the third and he is expected to survive. the 19-year-old was caught later and killed in a shootout. that is not all. in kansas city there was a traffic stop where the suspect ran away and also shot at police. he was killed in a shootout. in florida there was drive-by where police officer was shot in the shoulder. that officer is expected to be okay. the suspect was arrested after a standoff later on at their house. we are following the stories and these latebreaking developments and we will bring you more as soon as we have it. kelly, back to you . the new realities that come with wearing the blue uniform.
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makeshift memorial in honor of detective benjamin marconi - shot in the head and killed while writing a traffic nico lahood/district attorney, bexar county, tx"make no mistake this is pure evil when you execute an individual in cold blood"it turned out to be a bloody sunday for officers in multiple citiesin st louis an officer shot twice in the head but expected to survive. also in missouri another officer shot near kansas city...and yet another in florida.craig floyd/ & ceo, national law enforcement officers memorial fund"what we're seeing unfortunately is targeting of police officers."the national law enforcement officers memorial fund's craig floyd sees a pattern and is concerned about copycat behavior by criminals"some of them are mentally deranged, some are islamic terrorists, some of them are sovereign citizen types they view the criminals. >> some of them are mentally deranged and some are islamic
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sovereign citizen types and a few law enforcement as oppressors. >> reporter: in november alone, 15 police officers have been killed nationwide and 60 have been shot and killed. to 67% increase from this time last year. >> there is a lot of hatred right now toward the police and government and i am afraid that law enforcement is bearing the brunt. >> reporter: it needs to change at the federal level in the state and local levels as well. he warned that police officer's lives continue to be at risk and the public will be at risk as well. in washington, i am christine frizzell reporting. there are still protest over the controversial dakota access pipeline. at the standing rock native american reservation in south dakota, trite -- protesters tried to push past a barricade. officers used water and what appeared to be teargas it was livestreamed on social media. the share's department estimates that about 400 protesters were attempting to
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protesters also set multiple fires around the bridge. if you or a loved one has been time in the hospital, you know that medical care is not cheap. some people don't shop around for the best prices before undergoing a procedure. scott sanborn is investigating and it is a story that you will only see on cbs 2 news i've been doing some shopping. unity point saint lu the university of iowa hospitals and clinics and mercy hospital and iowa city. what i found is that every hospital charges different prices for the same procedures. there are reasons for the varying prices. for example, at uihc, it is also a regional educational facility.>> it costs more to run the educational facility
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medicare and medicaid. that is effectively built into our charge structure. >> reporter: billing procedures differ from hospital to hospital. there is a way to be a more informed shopper. i will show you tools to help you compare prices and get the best estimates before your budget goes under the knife. you will also hear from patients and hospital administrators in my special report tonight on cbs 2 news 10 at 10. traveling on that the -- over the holidays is complicated, but if you plan ahead, you may have less travel stress. google maps reviewed past travel data to let you know when you might encourage -- incur less traffic. the worst time is 3:00 p.m. wednesday when people think they are getting home early. the other worst time at 4 pm on saturday. now let's check in with meteorologist terry swails for
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had -- have had rain in iowa.
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tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning - relaxing at work - how a new app is practicing what they preach - and allowing their employees a chance to unwind at work.that's tomorrow on it has been a long time since we have had rain, but hopefully things are about to change. >> every once in a while you need a shower to settle the dust. we may have rain around eastern iowa, but i think it will be a dreary and cool day and it will be wrong and wintry look -- raw
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on the satellite you can see the weather system getting organized to the southwest of us tonight and the clouds are moving in to eastern iowa. the one area that has not seen them yet is the far northeast. they will be coming soon. most of the precipitation is off to the west of us and it will be late tonight or early tomorrow morning before the first rain or snow showers move into eastern iowa. on the radar right now, we have a clean slate and that's the way it has been for some time around here. this will be the first system to produce precipitation and nearly 19 days. here is the corridor commute tomorrow morning and there could be a couple of stray showers with temperatures around 30-31 at 7:00 a.m. there is a possibility there could be a snowflake next with the rain drops. overall, the temperatures will be pretty warm and i'm thinking the rain event. the temperature -- the ground temperatures are pretty warm. rain showers will be likely and
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to time, especially in the morning. that system moves out and buy thanksgiving day we will have dry, seasonal conditions in southeastern iowa. we have had 19 consecutive days with no precipitation in cedar rapids. the longest stretch we have ever gone is 55 consecutive days which is an amazing number and that was back in 1952. while it has been a long time, there are no records as far as that streak is concerned. here is the low pressure showing up in moves to kansas tomorrow and will eventually spread toward us. the actual system tonight will be well to the west of us. i the time we get to the tuesday, that moves to the east and that's when we get into the showers in eastern iowa. the models indicate a few places in the north that may see a half inch or a few tenths of an inch. as you go farther south, the -- the amounts will be lighter. only 21 100th expected and one
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expected and one quarter of an inch and iowa city. tomorrow morning there will be a few light showers and most of those are expected up north. where you see the pink and blue, there could be a mixture of precipitation going on. by 6:00 in the evening, most of the rest of us will get the showers. then eventually, as the temperatures warm aloft everything will be coming down in the form of rain. as we get to wednesday morning, we will have lingering showers at 6:00 a.m. as the day progresses, the showers depart and then as we get to wednesday evening, everything and as far as the rain is concern and that leads to the dry thanksgiving day we are expecting. in the north, temperatures in the upper 20s to around 30s with clouds on the increase. temperatures around 29-34 degrees. 30 in cedar rapids and 31 and
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showers, maybe mixed with snowflakes earlier in the day. temperatures hold to the mid-to upper 30s and the southern counties with highs us high as 38 to 40. then finally are extended outlook has that system kicking out on wednesday and thanksgiving day is dry. black friday looks dry. 50 for saturday and 47 sunday and a chance of rain again on monday with a high of 40 degree meteorologist rebecca kopelman .>> reporter: there are slowdowns on the road as we head home from work. there is one spot at collins road northeast where there has been heavy traffic and that is all the way back to force -- to first avenue and it extends close to c avenue. near collins avenue near northland, eight miles per hour is the average speed. looking around f avenue, it was busier earlier and now it is
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further to the south and along i-80 and i-380, things are pretty much in the clear and we are green. this is a live look at eagle avenue as we get close to iowa city. things are moving along just fine. tomorrow we will have reductions along i-80 down toward cedar county and the right lane will be closed from durrant downtube wilton. that right lane will be closed now seeing bullying in their classrooms after the presidential election. what a corridor school is doing to combat post-election bullying. this is a live look at there's more news ahead when live at 5
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is in new york citytoday meeting with more potential candidates for his cabinettrump hosted several contender president elect donald trump is in new york city today meeting with potential cabinet members. he pulled that she hosted several contenders in new jersey. that included mitt romney and new jersey governor chris christie. among them was scott brown, a potential choice for secretary of veterans affairs.
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experiencing the results of the presidential election in the form of 2 news reporter connor morgan explains what one corridor district is doing to address classroom concerns. the presidential election in the form of bullying. connor morgan explains what one district is doing to express -- to address the classroom concerns.>> reporter: donald trump's a popularity is on the rise since the election and behavior in the classroom is worse. the contention election may over -- >> it has been an historic event. >> reporter: the controversy continues. through the crowded streets with protesters in downtown iowa city. >> if we do not sow the seeds a political revolution here and now, nobody ever will. their ideas. that's carried through into our schools." superintendentstephen murley has been with the district for six years.he says the community has always been actively engaged politically - but has noticed an increase - particularly in schools - in
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election."you get people from both ends of the political spectrum sharing their ideas, sharing their opinions, in some cases appropriately, and in some cases perhaps not appropriately."aiming to avoid destructive discourse and keep conversations civil between students - murley admits - "we've seen some inappropriate dialogue taking place and our staff have worked very hard to curtail that."whilesome disagree with trump's choice of words - murley says the controversy is shining a don't necessarily have pressure on that system, you don't necessarily have the focus on it."that focus - is on ensuring an inviting environment in all iowa city classrooms."what this has done is this has really provided us an opportunity to refine and refocus our work on creating a safe environment for our kids, to look for areas where we can heighten their awareness of the systems that are in place to provide support for them." ll: the iowa city school board
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meeting here on tuesday night - and superintendent murley says you can bet that anti- bullying strategies will be a big part of that discussion. covering the corridor in iowa city, connor morgan, cbs 2 news. "here's a live look a& terry swails will have another look at your weather first forecast when live at 5 comes back. at your weather first forecast when live at 5 comes back. right now, get the directv select package from centurylink with up to 12 megs of high-speed internet for one year. directv has live sports... [ crowd cheers ] news... drama... -[ smooches ] -[ sobbing ] hit movies... [ film reel clicking ] plus hbo, starz, showtime, and cinemax for the first three months at no extra cost. you'll also get up to 12 megs of centurylink high-speed internet with fast in-home wifi. surf, stream, shop, and play on multiple devices.
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the cbs evening news is next gobble here is the cbs evening news tonight. holiday storm for holiday travel. a white out its parts of the north east creating a hazard as holiday travel begins. plus a trump -- hopeful accidentally creates a faux pas. what is revealed. and, the dangers of driving in a parking lot. the hazards may be greater than you think. we will have those stories tonight on the cbs evening news. >> reporter: two turkeys have packed their bags and they are
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thanksgiving. the president part -- pardon them. chicago cubs fans will be happy. they are named after anthony rizzo and chris bryant. this is a better year for truckee -- for turkey producers who are recovering from the bird flu.>> that one had a pretty good puff on it. >> i know, they were nice turkeys. >> they will have a nice life at around here we will have rain in the forecast. we will start around the freezing mark and in the northern counties the brain could be mixed with snowflakes. by afternoon it will be pretty much showers with temperatures in the mid to upper 30s. don't forget you can check out with the facebook pages to
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: breaking news: children have been killed in a school bus crash in tennessee. also tonight, a contender for secretary of homeland security failed to secure his plan to enforce a major trump campaign promise. >> i've got an officer down in from the of headquarters. >> pelley: the manhunt for a cop killer. and one of the most dangerous places to be this holiday season. >> how well do you think people drive in parking lots? >> not very well at all. i think it's cut-throat. >> this is this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. scott pelley is reporting tonight from phoenix, arizona. >> pelley: we begin tonight


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